How It Works

Step 1 - Let's chat it out

Tell us what you need. For example, you may request one designer and two full stack developers for a web app project. Alternatively, share your project goals and we'll suggest the team structure based on your scope and timeline.

Step 2 - We interview and staff a team for you

We may reach within our existing network of talent to quickly staff. Or we'll handle the interview process and recruit the right talent. Either way, we'll assemble the pieces to get your project kicked off in the right direction.

Step 3 - It's your team, we're just managing it

We manage your team while you work with them to move the project forward. You can micromanage or macromanage — it's up to you.

Step 4 - Things keep rolling

If a specific talent is not working out, we'll replace them. If they're stuck in the sand, we'll tap into our in-house experts to push your project forward.

And as always, flexibly staff up and down freely. Each team member can be released with a 30-day notice whether due to project completion or should the project need to be temporarily paused.